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Different fragrance notes in perfumes

Perfumes have different fragrance notes, which consist of three stages. When you first use a perfume you might have noticed that it smells different when you first spray it and when several hours have passed. Professional noses and perfumers design each perfume into detail so that it can give off its fragrance for hours.  Therefore generally fruity or flowery fragrances are mixed with woody and spicy fragrances. You might for example come across sandalwood, amber, patchouli and vanilla. This is also the reason that you might like a perfume in the beginning but may not stand the fragrance after some time has passed. The opposite is also possible of course. In this regard regional preferences are sometimes taken into account as well. Especially Europe wholesale perfume is a big market. Providers of wholesale perfume Europe therefore generally do their research before bringing a specific brand or fragrance to the public. Since perfume wholesale Europe caters to a variety of countries, there are different types of fragrances available.

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