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Do perfumes serve as an aphrodisiac or is that just an urban legend?

If you are involved in such a business, for example in perfume dropshipping Europe or in perfume dropshipment in general, it is important to take into account the below mentioned factors. In fragrance commercials the aphrodisiac effect is generally pointed out. Perfumes which are told to improve the libidinal energy are explained by experts to have an indirect effect. Fragrances which are also told to include pheromones but it is known that the organ which can detect pheromones in humans was lost in evolution. In other words; even if a perfume includes pheromones, another person would not be able to detect them. On the other hand, it is somewhat true that certain natural fragrances might serve as an aphrodisiac. The smell of jasmine is known to be the closest fragrance to human skin, which can also point people in the direction of sexuality. Also musky fragrances might have the same effect on people. However, these type of smells might differ in every region and with every culture.

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