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It is not that complicated to choose the right fragrance!

Whereas perfumes play a big part in our lives, the importance thereof is frequently forgotten. With the right fragrance you can complete your style and with the right choices you can leave a good impression. With a bit of information, technique and attention, you can also choose the right fragrance for you. By starting with the basic perfume categories and fragrances you can set up your own perfume guide. Not all fragrances are labeled as perfumes. Fragrances are made of essences. Both organic and synthetic essences which are derived from plants and animals are being processed into essential oils. An example is the ambergris that is regurgitated by whales into the oceans. Essential oils, perfumes, hydrosols, colognes are just some examples of fragrances used in our daily lives. Fragrances in other forms, such as incense are generally used to give rooms a distinct touch. Perfumes are generally divided into three categories and have different uses. Whereas fragrances may be sold individually, this aspect might not be important in B2B transactions, which usually occur in wholesale form. You can think of cosmetics wholesale, fragrance wholesale, API fragrance wholesale and perfume wholesale.

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