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Perfumes smell different on everyone

How a perfume smells on someone is widely dependent on factors such as whether a person uses glasses, whether he smokes, his diet and even the length of his hair. Milk, cigarettes and spices which are consumed every day may also affect a person’s own smell. The PH-value of the skin, the amount of water consumed, diabetes and other physiological factors may affect the smell of fragrances. Therefore perfumes may have a different fragrance on different persons. This is to be taken into account when choosing a perfume.

In this regard it is incorrect to say that a perfume is only for men or women. You might not need to take into account the labels, which companies use while marketing their products. You should definitely buy a fragrance if you really like it. Also trying on perfumes on a piece of paper is not a very good reference for how it will smell on your skin. The paper is only useful for smelling what’s inside the perfume bottle but it may be very different once you spray it on your skin. When buying in wholesale cosmetics or wholesale perfume it might not be possible to test each fragrance. Of course wholesale perfume or wholesale fragrances are not different from the products which are sold individually. Therefore it is difficult to speak of the best wholesale perfume, since there is none, because it is so personal. Fragrances are also used in wholesale cosmetic products, which make them an attractive sub-sector as well.

The biggest mistake people make, is smelling coffee in between perfumes. However, by smelling fragrances our noses might get tired and the only solution for giving them some rest is to breathe in fresh air. Strong smells like that of coffee may block our receptors and might prevent you from making the right decision. Also, in the winter we are able to smell better than in the summer, since heat may exhaust our noses as well.

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