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Some tips for longer lasting perfume

There are several methods to make your perfume long lasting. You can use additional products with the same fragrance, such as deodorants, shower gels or body lotions, which can be bought separately or are already included in the set. If there are no such products available, you can also choose deodorants or soaps without any scent of its own to make your perfume stand out even better. Especially dry skin may prevent the fragrance from lasting longer. You can use scentless moisturizer on the places where you want to use your perfume first. If you want to use your perfume on clothes, you may also store them together with cotton balls infused with your perfume.

Another point to take into account is the shelf life of your perfume, which you can improve by storing it correctly. Always buy your fragrances in original bottles and keep them away from heat, light and humidity. You can store your perfumes in dark cabinets away from the window and heaters. Some people like to store their perfumes in the fridge but this might interfere with the fragrance molecules, and isn’t advised. Perfumes are only stored in cool places for a few hours during the production process, when it is first mixed with alcohol. This has led to a wide misunderstanding. Room temperature is the best temperature for fragrance storage. Humidity may also affect perfumes. Storing your fragrances correctly might improve the shelf life with up to 18 months.

For more information and tips on perfumes and fragrances you can consult books but also attend workshops given by experts. Choose a fragrance that suits you and your personality best. The most famous perfume brands and special fragrance products are available on our website, as well as our wholesale perfume price list.

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