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What you need to know about perfumes: what are EDP, EDT and EDC?

While producing perfumes, alcohol and other materials are mixed in order to make it possible to spray the fragrance. Even the most high quality perfume contains some alcohol. Products without any alcohol cannot be stored in spray containers, since they can’t be sprayed but on the contrary should be put on the skin as some type of oil. The percentage of fragrance essences in perfume are used to classify these fragrances. Since “extraits de parfum” are costlier to produce you won’t come across them very often. These type of perfumes contain between 20-40% of perfume extracts. In our wholesale perfume price list you probably won’t see much of these fragrances. This doesn’t mean that perfume wholesale prices are all very expensive though.  “Eaus de Parfum” for example contain between 10-25% of concentrated extracts and are therefore cheaper to produce. In perfumes wholesale prices you will also come across Eau de Toilette (with a 5-15% concentrated extracts ratio) and Eau de Cologne (with a 5% concentrated extracts ratio or less). These ratios of concentrated extracts make wholesale perfume cheap, especially with regard to individual sales prices. While choosing fragrances you can use the abbreviations ‘EDP’, ‘EDT’ and ‘EDC’ on the labels to see how strong perfumes are.

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