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You can get more out of your fragrances if you use it correctly

Perfumes are generally sprayed on the inside of our elbows, wrists, neck, behind our ears and knees. However, when we rub our wrists together after spraying fragrances, this leads to a shorter timeframe in which we can really enjoy our perfume. Especially people with very oily skin might tend to lose the fragrance of perfume very fast. Spraying a cloud of perfume and walking through it might not have the same effect as direct applying it to our skin. However, there’s nothing wrong with this ritual and can even be a better option if you prefer a lighter perfume scent. If you are planning to use a different perfume in the evening than during the day you shouldn’t switch directly. Always take a shower first and change your clothes, because the smell of a mix of perfumes may lead to a bad result. This type of advice should also be given to customers if you are selling perfume individually or are engaged in dropshipment fragrance to prevent any misunderstandings during the use.

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